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Category: Guides

c++ – Why is Show() inaccessible?

Without more context or code, it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact reason why Show() is inaccessible. However, I can provide some general reasons why a member function might be inaccessible in C++. If you provide more specific code or context, I can offer a more accurate diagnosis of the issue.

docker-compose dns and python docker api nested container

If you want to set up a Docker Compose environment with nested containers, particularly involving DNS resolution and a Python application interacting with the Docker API, you’ll need to configure your docker-compose.yml file accordingly. Here’s a basic example to get you started: Let’s assume you have three services: Here’s a . . . Read more

lua – Astronvim: how to install neotest-jest?

It seems like there might be a confusion in your question. Astronvim is a Lua-based configuration for Neovim, and Neotest-jest is typically used with the Jest testing framework in JavaScript or TypeScript projects. Neotest is a Neovim plugin for running tests, and Jest is a testing framework primarily used for . . . Read more

python – Imshow Plotly colour toggling using legend

To create an interactive plot in Python using Plotly with a color toggling feature using a legend, you can use the plotly.graph_objects module along with some callbacks from the dash library. Here’s a simple example: This example uses the dash library to create a simple web application with a scatter . . . Read more

svelte – SvelteKit – Inheritance of meta tags

In Svelte and SvelteKit, managing meta tags for SEO and other purposes is essential for optimizing your web application. While SvelteKit provides a built-in way to handle metadata using the $layout special file and the <svelte:head> element, inheritance of meta tags between layouts and components can be a bit different . . . Read more