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python – How to connect to multiple elastic majors from one code

To connect to multiple Elasticsearch clusters from a single Python script, you can use the elasticsearch library, which is the official Elasticsearch client for Python. Here’s a basic example of how you can achieve this:

First, make sure you have the elasticsearch library installed. You can install it using:

pip install elasticsearch

Now, you can use the following example code to connect to multiple Elasticsearch clusters:

from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch

# Define the connection parameters for each Elasticsearch cluster
cluster1_params = {'host': 'cluster1.example.com', 'port': 9200}
cluster2_params = {'host': 'cluster2.example.com', 'port': 9200}

# Create Elasticsearch clients for each cluster
es_cluster1 = Elasticsearch([cluster1_params])
es_cluster2 = Elasticsearch([cluster2_params])

# Example: Perform operations on the first cluster
cluster1_indices = es_cluster1.indices.get_alias('*')
print("Indices in Cluster 1:", list(cluster1_indices.keys()))

# Example: Perform operations on the second cluster
cluster2_indices = es_cluster2.indices.get_alias('*')
print("Indices in Cluster 2:", list(cluster2_indices.keys()))

In this example:

  1. cluster1_params and cluster2_params define the connection parameters for each Elasticsearch cluster. Adjust these parameters according to your Elasticsearch setups.
  2. Elasticsearch([cluster_params]) creates an Elasticsearch client for each cluster using the specified connection parameters.
  3. You can then perform various operations on each Elasticsearch cluster using the respective clients (es_cluster1 and es_cluster2 in this example).

Adjust the code based on your specific needs and the operations you want to perform on each Elasticsearch cluster. Make sure to handle exceptions and errors appropriately in a production environment.

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