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lua – Astronvim: how to install neotest-jest?

It seems like there might be a confusion in your question. Astronvim is a Lua-based configuration for Neovim, and Neotest-jest is typically used with the Jest testing framework in JavaScript or TypeScript projects. Neotest is a Neovim plugin for running tests, and Jest is a testing framework primarily used for testing JavaScript code.

If you’re working with Astronvim and want to set up Neotest-jest, you need to make sure you have Neotest installed first. You can follow the general instructions for installing Neotest in your Neovim setup. Once Neotest is set up, you can integrate it with Jest using the appropriate plugin.

Here’s a general guide on how you might go about it:

  1. Install Neotest:
    Follow the installation instructions for Neotest. You can often use a plugin manager like Plug or Dein.vim for this. For example, with Plug, you would add the following to your Neovim configuration file:
   Plug 'kassio/neotest.nvim'

Run :PlugInstall to install the plugin.

  1. Configure Neotest:
    Configure Neotest according to your preferences. This usually involves setting up key mappings and other options in your Neovim configuration.
  2. Install Neotest-jest:
    Neotest-jest is a separate plugin specifically designed for working with Jest. You can install it using your plugin manager as well. For example, with Plug:
   Plug 'kassio/neotest-jest.nvim'

Run :PlugInstall to install the plugin.

  1. Configure Neotest-jest:
    Adjust your Neotest configuration to use Neotest-jest for Jest testing. This may involve setting the appropriate command to run Jest tests.
   let g:neotest#custom#runners = {'jest': 'npx jest'}

Adjust the command accordingly based on your project’s setup.

  1. Run Jest tests:
    With everything set up, you should be able to run Jest tests using Neotest. Typically, you can use commands like :NeotestFile or :NeotestSuite to run tests.

Remember that the specific configuration details might vary based on your project setup, and it’s essential to refer to the documentation for Neotest and Neotest-jest for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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